Jora Agro LTD

Jora Agro LTD Strives to be a Positive Community Partner

Jora Agro LTD started with a young 27-year old lady. Today, it remains a leading business in sustainable and organic farming. Most of our team members are from surrounding neighborhoods and communities.

Long-term Relationships with Neighbors

Jora Agro LTD collaborates with neighboring farmers and communities to implement a crop rotation system, a longstanding and widely recognized agricultural method. Through mutually advantageous partnerships with community farmers, Jora Agro LTD ensures that all of its produce follows a scheduled crop rotation. Engaging in these crop rotation agreements benefits every farmer involved, as it allows us to collectively prioritize the optimal maintenance of our fields."

You can join Jora Agro and we grow the community together

Local Volunteerism and Philanthropy

Jora Agro LTD invests in communities with the aim of enhancing the well-being of both individuals and the community. We foster a culture of active volunteering among our team members, encouraging them to support local schools, small-scale farmers, underprivileged families, and community-based organizations. Furthermore, we provide support through sponsorships, donations, and in-kind contributions to initiatives that benefit our communities. In 2022, our team members dedicated over 80 hours to volunteer work, and we made substantial contributions to local schools."

Field Days

Every year, more than 10 kg of maize and 10kg of bean seeds are donated to local needy farmers to plant in their fields where they grow more than 80kg of maize or beans within months. They also receive trainings facilitated by agricultural officers hired by Jora Agro LTD on good agricultural practices. After the harvest, a farmer is allowed to give back an amount of their choice of their yields back to the same program as an in-kind repayment. He/she uses the remaining yields to feed their families, sell extra on the market or replant for the next season.

Ag in the Schools

We actively work with schools in the communities that we farm, allowing supervised farm visits and visiting classrooms to teach about sustainable agriculture to our fields to connect agriculture with everyday life.  

Jora Agro LTD does Charity

  • In our annual plans, Jora Agro LTD engages in the following charity events
    • Farming Skills Training: Jora Agro LTD organizes charity events focused on providing farming skills training to aspiring farmers or individuals from needy families. This includes workshops, demonstrations, and hands-on training sessions on various agricultural practices on traditional vegetable farming, maize and beans farming, kienyeji chicken farming, goat rearing, and dairy farming. The goal is to empower participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable farming practices and improved agricultural productivity.
    • Community Farm Development: Jora Agro LTD initiates charity events centered on community farm development. These events involve identifying local communities and families in need and collaborating with them to establish a communal farm. Jora Agro provides resources such as seeds, livestock, and technical expertise to kick-start the farm. The event also involves community members actively participating in the farming activities, fostering a sense of ownership and collective responsibility. The harvested produce is used to benefit the community and needy families by providing food for vulnerable groups and generating income for community projects.
    • School Agricultural Program: Jora Agro LTD partners with local schools to develop agricultural programs. This event involves setting up school gardens or farm plots where students can learn about different farming techniques and cultivate vegetables, raise poultry or goats. Jora Agro LTD provides educational resources, training sessions, and ongoing support to the schools. The program educates students about sustainable farming practices, promotes healthy eating habits, and potentially provide fresh produce for school meals or local communities in need.

Eggs for Education

Jora Agro LTD runs an “Eggs for Education” program by partnering with local schools and communities to establish a sustainable egg production initiative to keep a child in school. The company provides training and support to the participating schools, SHGs and CBOs on poultry management and egg production. The eggs produced are then sold to generate funds to support education for needy children. This program at times involves various fundraising activities, such as selling eggs to local markets, restaurants, or directly to community members. The funds raised are used for school fees, educational materials, uniforms, or other necessary resources to support the education of underprivileged children.