Jora Agro LTD

Get Involved

Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

  • SHGs and CBOs can get involved with Jora Agro LTD by participating in community engagement programs. They can collaborate with the company in organizing agricultural training sessions, awareness campaigns, and workshops on sustainable farming practices. By working together, communities can gain knowledge and skills that enhance their agricultural productivity and promote food security. Additionally, communities can benefit from Jora Agro’s initiatives through the exchange program, where donated produce can be used to support school fees payment for children in need, thus promoting access to education and empowering the community.


  • Individuals can contribute to Jora Agro LTD’s initiatives by volunteering their time and expertise, or signing up for individual membership. They can assist in various farm activities such as planting, harvesting, and animal care. In return, individuals can benefit from hands-on learning experiences, gaining practical knowledge in organic farming methods, or a percentage of agricultural produce of their choice monthly. Moreover, individuals can participate in the exchange program by donating produce, which helps support the education of children in need. This involvement allows individuals to make a meaningful impact on the lives of young students while fostering a sense of community and social responsibility.


  • Businesses can engage with Jora Agro LTD through partnerships and sponsorship opportunities. They can support the company’s initiatives by providing financial assistance, resources, or expertise. In return, businesses can benefit from brand exposure and positive public relations, showcasing their commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable agriculture. Additionally, businesses can participate in the exchange program by donating produce or agricultural resources, creating a mutually beneficial arrangement where surplus agricultural products are utilized for a noble cause.


  • Volunteers can actively contribute their time and skills to Jora Agro LTD’s projects and activities. They can assist in farm operations, educational programs, and awareness campaigns. By volunteering, individuals can gain valuable experience in organic farming and community engagement while making a positive impact on local communities. Volunteers also have the opportunity to network, learn from experts, and develop personal and professional skills.


  • Donors can support Jora Agro LTD’s mission and initiatives by providing financial contributions or donating resources. Their contributions can help the company expand its farming operations, improve infrastructure, and implement sustainable practices. In return, donors can experience the satisfaction of contributing to a cause that promotes organic food production, food security, and education. They can also be recognized for their support through acknowledgments, such as naming opportunities or mentions in company publications, further enhancing their reputation and philanthropic endeavors.