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Smart Farming

Climate Smart Agriculture Is Our Wisest Pursuit

About Jora Agro LTD

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About Jora Agro LTD

Smart Agriculture
for Better Future

Climate Smart Agriculture Is Our Wisest Pursuit

Welcome to Jora Agro LTD, an agricultural company based in Bungoma County, Kenya. We are dedicated to sustainable and climate smart farming practices and aim to become a global producer of organic food, making a significant contribution towards feeding the world.


Jora Agro LTD

Our Products


Our goat farming is for milk and meat production

Vegetable Farming

For traditional vegetables; Sagga, Managu, Kunde, etc.


We focus on the farming of maize and beans

Chicken Farming

We keep free-range kienyeji chicken for meat and eggs production.

Dairy Farming

We have multiple pedigree cows and calves for dairy.


Our Community

We Value Positive Community Partnerships

Jora Agro LTD started with a young 27-year old lady. Today, it remains a leading business in sustainable and organic farming. Most of our team members are from surrounding neighborhoods and communities.

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